Wingsuit Flyer Survives Crash Into Mountain [Video]

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In the past, seasoned wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss conquered the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle, and Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers – however, something went wrong when he jumped off Table Mountain. Jeb explains:


I was going for a black balloon that was basically laying on the rocks and was going to try and kick it with my foot. In order to do this I had to fly low and flat between boulders. My left foot clipped a boulder that dragged me into a flat ledge that I took at the waist at full speed. If I had not clipped that boulder I might have made it, I might have still impacted. It’s very hard to tell from the footage. Everything happens very fast. But when you go for a flight where inches are the difference between making it and not making it well impact is very possible. I knew this and took the risk and paid the price for pushing way to hard. I take full responsibility for my actions and am just happy I still have legs to do rehab on.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer for an upcoming HBO documentary about the event. Jeb’s accident can be seen around the 1:13 mark.

(Jeb Corliss via Gizmodo)

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