Wedding Photographer Crashes Quadcopter Into The Groom’s Face [Video]


If you’ve been contemplating letting a camera-equipped quadcopter film your nuptials (or anything else for that matter), you may want to check out the video after the break, which shows the device plowing into a groom’s noggin after a horrible misjudgment on the part of the pilot:


Ok so here’s the story. This was shot using a DJI phantom and a gopro camera. This was two days before the wedding at their bridal shoot. This happened towards the beginning. I had done one successful fly by and i brought it around for another pass to make sure it was smooth. I underestimated the lift time and it hit the groom on the side of the face. He had a cut on his cheek and and the side of his head. I felt horrible. Luckily the bride and groom were able to laugh about it after and we continued the shoot. At the request of the bride and groom I put the video online. All though it sucks that this happened. I have decided to own up to what I did, instead of try to hide it from the world.

If this doesn’t convince you, you’ll want to at least consider wearing a helmet.

(via CB)

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