London Seen From The Shard of Glass Skyscraper [Video]

Folks at Silent UK recently risked a criminal record and their lives to illegally break into London’s Shard of Glass skyscraper, which is Western Europe’s tallest at 1,017 feet. The building is not yet open to the public, so the job required evading security, climbing for 30 minutes and braving howling winds.


We had one unwritten rule, wait until the core reached 72 stories, the final inhabitable floor before the radiator levels. This was for one simple reason, for explorers, the Shard was poorly positioned. It sat uncomfortably close to one of London’s busiest railway stations, only two of its sides were exposed and those were surrounded by a 15ft high fence covered in cameras. This meant without considerable climbing skills and luck, there was only one way in and out. We had one shot, if someone was caught, there was a high chance we would never get in again, so why take that chance early?

Once they reached their goal, the team captured a video of the surrounding area along with some stunning photos. Check them out after the break.

Silent UK also put together a huge panorama that can be viewed here.

(Silent UK via i09)

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