How To Poop At Work: A Tutorial [Video]


YouTuber “MelkorHimself” has shared the informative tutorial after the jump, which provides tips for a comfortable work pooping experience. You’ll find methods for covering up smells, as well as embarrassing “escapees” and “watermelons” while dissuading potential “turd burglars” from attempting to infiltrate your poop sanctuary. All of these tips will make pooping at work less of a chore, while reducing the possibility of having to take the dreaded “walk of shame”.


Of course, in order to benefit from these tips, you actually have to have the ability to feel shame, which is becoming more and more rare in public bathrooms. I’m sure many will agree that all too often people walk in and take a moan-filled “hand on the wall pee” or unrestrained “blow off the toilet seat” crap followed by a brisk, oblivious jaunt past the sinks.

Check out the video after the break…

(via TA)

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