General Atomics’ Railgun Travels 4 Miles, Even After Blasting Through a Steel Plate [Video]

With assistance from Boeing, General Atomics has created a ‘Blitzer’ railgun that traveled four miles downrange after being fired at zero elevation – even after a trip through a 1/8″ steel plate.


In previous tests, the railgun had been using rounds shaped kinda like bricks. And ultimately, the rounds behaved like bricks too, tumbling out of control at Mach 6. The new round from Boeing is streamlined and mean looking, and if it can make it seven kilometers when fired at zero elevation, it’s easy to imagine a 150 mile range in operation.

The company is working closely with the Navy to best utilize the railgun, including the possibility of installing it on the DDG 51 destroyer. Check out the video after the break to learn more and to see the railgun in action.

(Defense Tech via DVICE)

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