The Basketball Trick Shot Bar Has Just Been Raised To Impossible Heights


Kevin Libertowski set a new benchmark for basketball trick shots when he sunk two shots from over 60 feet while performing two flips on a trampoline. Since it’s so involved, we’ve provided the following breakdown for your convenience: Kevin first performed a backflip and released ball #1 towards the hoop. Immediately thereafter, he did a frontflip, exchanged the ball from his legs to his hands, then waited to rotate around a bit and to fire off the second shot while still in the midst of the frontflip. Each shot reached the hoop at the exact same time colliding inside the net for a double swish.


In case, you were wondering, Kevin states that the video is 100% real. It seems like that’s true, but it’s still hard to believe.

Watch the magic after the break.

(via FB)

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