After two attempts to destroy a 115-year-old chimney stack with explosives (they don’t build ’em like they used to apparently), Tim Phifer from Pell City, Alabama decided to take on the job with an excavator. As you’ll see in the drone footage below, this method didn’t go as planed—the 2.6 million pound, 158-foot tall structure toppled directly onto Phifer’s vehicle.

Phifer opted to stay in the cab, as it was designed “to turn over on top of it”. This decision likely allowed him to survive the ordeal – escaping with only a few scratches and a covering of soot.

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dog films wedding

When Marshall Burnette and his wife Addie got married in the woods at the top of Roan Mountain in Tennessee, they decided to dispense with a conventional videographer and instead attached a GoPro to their dog, Ryder.

Although there’s some shakiness, the video below turned out surprisingly well. Then again if many of us tried this with our dogs it would probably end up being two hours of chasing squirrels.

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Based on the size of the two and the pace of consumption, it would probably take a full day for this hamster to eat that carrot he’s snuggling with.

Whatever the case, it’s cute.

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Although limited mostly to forest fires and active volcanos, the Slow Mo Guys wanted to capture a fire tornado in slow motion, and did so by creating one artificially with box fans.

The result is mesmerizing and strangely beautiful, and will certainly make you hope that you never encounter one in the wild.

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After watching the video below, you will likely swear that a kid is laughing off camera. However, the disturbingly accurate imitation is coming directly from this Magpie, who was rescued by “shura84” as a fledgling and now lives in the wild.

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At an Australian Baseball League game in Adelaide on Saturday, a kid named Ethan unintentionally (and adorably) embellished the country’s national anthem with a flurry of hiccups. However, in true professional style, the show goes on as if nothing is wrong, resulting in a new viral video.

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Woodpecker Acorn Jackpot

acorn antenna

Crews were summoned to a faulty microwave antenna and discovered that the signal was being blocked by more than 300 lbs of acorns that had been stored at the location by a woodpecker.

The signal was restored after their removal, but chances are the woodpecker is going to be mighty pissed when it returns.

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penguin escape

This group of penguins apparently thought that they were going to escape their enclosure, but a wet trail of penguin prints clearly hampered their attempt. As you’ll see after the jump, they knew they were busted and acted accordingly.

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This little dog never signed up to be a kitty transporter, and clearly doesn’t know how to handle the task when a passenger suddenly attaches itself to its back. In fact, judging from the following video, it looks like the confusion may be melting its brain.

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After winning a game of hide and seek by discovering his buddies hiding under an inflatable pool, this dog decided to switch things up with a game of “catch me if you can”, and in the process made the pool look as if it had a mind of its own.

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