After freeing a bald eagle from a trap, brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher of Chelmsford, Ontario proceeded to take a selfie with the majestic bird, which was clearly down with the plan.

The result was one of the most awesome selfies ever taken.

Michael described the encounter by stating the following to the Sudbury Star:

“I was surprised by the size, and that it’s such a beautiful bird. When you see the eyes up close, they’re really amazing.”

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Saskatchewan farmer Liezel Kennedy woke up one snowy morning and looked out the window to check on her flock of 500 sheep, and this is what she saw. Their complete absence prompted a search via car, although she was still unable to find them.

As it turns out, the landscape served as the ultimate camouflage, and they were in plain sight all along, although Liezel pointed out that she drove right by them the first time and couldn’t make them out until she was about 50 feet away.

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For Halloween this year, a father and son decided to call attention to their uncanny resemblance by dressing up as each other. The moment was captured on film and, to drive home the point of how remarkable the likeness is, they posed for a second photo as themselves.

If it wasn’t for the captions, we would only be guessing who’s who.

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In what was no doubt a first for England’s Kingston Police officers, a call came in complaining of several people dressed as traffic cones on Halloween who were, well, doing what traffic cones do.

According to one witness, “They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves. I didn’t actually see the police I was waiting for a taxi but I saw it and it made me laugh.”

It’s not known how the police handled the situation, but they did snap a few photos which were uploaded to twitter and have since gone viral.

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Redditor damien_shallwenot thought his dog was in the bathroom, but couldn’t find her and began searching.

Turns out the dog is a master of bathroom camouflage and stealth.

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It Was Worth It


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The Perk Of Playing Bass

bass nap

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Coming In Hot

coming in hot

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I Fly People

fly people

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