After watching the video below, you will likely swear that a kid is laughing off camera. However, the disturbingly accurate imitation is coming directly from this Magpie, who was rescued by “shura84” as a fledgling and now lives in the wild.

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buzzfeed 1

If Buzzfeed makes a video about how to be a creepy guy in the office and that office is the Buzzfeed office, then is Buzzfeed creepy?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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adult photoshop toddler 6

This is the work of Cristian Girotto, a French photo-retoucher who decided to play around a bit and regress adults to toddlers. The results range from creepy to adorable. I’m not sure what to say about the body and facial hair. I mean, what can you say?

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Freddy Krueger

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Wait for it—if you dare.

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Creepy Story Bro [Comics]

Read the full comic after the break—I’ll be a chill runs down your spine.

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Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? It could be Creeper Cat. Don’t even try to hide, he will always find you. Then he will strike.

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This dude’s creepy expression of  love will cause you to suffer excruciating personal embarrassment, even though you have nothing to do with the situation. I’ll also guess that most all of you will watch this video wearing  this expression.

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