Dynamic LED Lamp Offers You Neutral, Cool and Warm Lighting

If you actually have a choice of the type of lighting to incorporate into your workspace that’s not the typical fluorescent type, check out this Dynamic LED Lamp. It offers adjustable color temperature settings which are similar to the pattern of natural daylight, as well as zero flicker diffused lighting and adjustable lamp intensity.


Choose different colours of light according to your activity. A Korean study showed that neutral white light (4,500-5,500 Kelvin, such as in the midmornings/afternoons) has a positive effect on our ability to concentrate. Cool-white light (6,500-7,500 K, such as at noon) encourages (brain) activity. Warm-white light (2,500-3,500 K, such as in the morning/evening) promotes ideas and inventiveness.

The product page also boasts that the light will make text stand out and colors appear natural and brilliant. In addition, it is touted as an energy saver that is extremely long lasting… That’s all great, but can it do your work for you?

Product Page: (£135, or about $211 via RedFerret)

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