You Can’t Escape Nic Cage In This House


…That’s because an Aussie guy named Tim decided to prank his brother Matt, who is not a Cage fan. Tim methodically searched the net for six hours looking for Nic pics, then proceeded to print out 3,200 of them on 50 sheets of printer paper (that’s 64 Cage faces per page for the Math-impared). The plan was put into action when Matt went to see what was surely a non-Nic movie on his 30th birthday, and when he finally returned, he was greeted pretty much everywhere by his least favorite actor. From Buzzfeed:


[Matt] revealed that upon arriving home and discovering the first photo, he had said: ‘Mmmmm…..Cage!’ and then frantically hurried to get the door open to see what else had been ‘Caged’. He said he looked through the house, fighting back tears of laughter and shaking his head at every Cage he found muttering under his breath ‘F’n Cage. Everywhere.’

Hit the jump to check out more photos of the transformation, as well as some of Matt’s reaction.

(via BF)

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