The First 4,000,000 digits of Pi Condensed Into One Image

Since Pi is an irrational number with an infinite and non-repeating decimal representation, computers have been used on multiple occasions in an effort to calculate its digits, culminating in Shigeru Kondo’s triumph of 10 trillion decimal places on October 17, 2011, after 371 days of computing.


Design studio TWO-N decided to visulize the first 4 million digits in an interactive image which assigned colors to 0-9 before rendering them as single, 1×1 pixels and lining them up in the order designated by Pi. As you’ll see, the applet allows you to inspect 500,000-digit sections and employ a search function that lets you probe the mathematical mosaic for numbers up to eight digits in length.

(TWO-N via Information Aesthetics via i09)

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