Permanently Concerned Kitten Is Poised To Become The Internet’s Next Superstar


An eight-week-old white kitten named Gary came into the world with two distinct markings that make it look like he either had an unfortunate run in with a Sharpie or is permanently concerned/confused. Obviously the Internet loves stories like this, and so Gary’s owner conducted an interview with the Daily Mail to explain the kitten’s name, as well as his meme moniker, “Concerned Kitten”:


“As he grew they got bigger and started to spread out. We started saying how confused he looked so I penned him ‘Concerned Kitten’ and it’s just stuck. Aside from his stage name, Confused Kitten has been given another name, Gary, after Gary Barlow because when the Take That star sings he holds his eyebrows up to get to the high notes.”

Hit the jump for some additional pics.




(via LS)

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