10th dimension boys

The 10th Dimension Boys by Cutbu is a new webcomic that defies all explanation. However, I can tell you that it is random and amusingly absurd. See what we mean in the video after the break (slightly NSFW)…

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The Tao of the Road 2

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See part 1 here.

Back In My Day [Comic]

back in my day2

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thougts that keep me up ver 2

Motivational Speech

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The Creepiest Tree [Comic]

creepy tree clown reveal dog2

The Tao Of The Road [Comic]

The Tao of the Road 1

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My Dog Hates Puns [Comic]

Dog Hates Puns Top

I think she’s just really serious about her breakfast.

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The Downward Spiral 1

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tv fan