Booty Call 2

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Serious Cosplay Final

You’ve gotta up your game if you want to go pro kiddo.

BTW—the cosplay in this comic is based on the awesome femme Gipsy Danger by Nona Neon Cosplay.

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10th dimension boys

The 10th Dimension Boys by Cutbu is a new webcomic that defies all explanation. However, I can tell you that it is random and amusingly absurd. See what we mean in the video after the break (slightly NSFW)…

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The Tao of the Road 2

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See part 1 here.

Back In My Day [Comic]

back in my day2

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thougts that keep me up ver 2

Motivational Speech

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The Creepiest Tree [Comic]

creepy tree clown reveal dog2

The Tao Of The Road [Comic]

The Tao of the Road 1

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