A Guide To The World’s Best Pencils

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While you may have not used a pencil since you were in high school working on differential equations, pencils are still used in various business endeavors.

Blogger Brian Green highlights the following pencils for the picky pencil pusher:


Smencils (for the pencil chewer)- These pencils are made from newspaper so they are environmentally friendly; they also come in 10 different (non-edible) scents.

Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior (for the traditionalist)- These pencils are comprised of premium cedar wood and feature a Pink Pearl eraser that won’t rip your paper.

Dixon Ticonderoga Renew (for environmentalists)- These pencils are made out recycled car tires.

Uniball Kuru Toga (for the tech crowd)- These pencils are perhaps the most advanced. This is a mechanical pencil that contains a built-in clutch mechanism in the point, and as you write, the pressure from writing and then lifting the pencil off the paper engages the clutch mechanism that rotates the lead for you automatically.

Eberhard Faber Blackwing Pencil (for the true pencil enthusiast)- These pencils are for true pencil enthusiasts who also happen to have money to burn. Said to supposedly contain soft, high quality lead, these pencils stopped being produced back in 1998 and will run you anywhere up to $40 for just one.

(Herman Miller Lifework via Boing Boing)

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