Wearable QR Codes Could Revolutionize The Business Card [Video]

With the vast array of technological innovations coming down the pike, it’s amazing that people still hand out little paper cards like it’s 1908. However, it seems that business cards are  finally getting their 21st century makeover courtesy of  augmented reality technology and wearable QR codes called “Skanz bands”. The bands feature a QR-code that can be printed on a silicon band or even onto an iPhone case,  allowing users to network with one another by instantly exchanging their business contact information.


All someone has to do is use a QR reader app on their phone to scan the QR code in and they will be taken to a Skanzsite mobile site which has contains all of the band wearer’s contact info. Skanz is compatible with most smartphones and with just about any QR reader app, but there is also a free QR code Reader Skanz App available for Android and iPhone.

Skanz made their debut yesterday at CE Week in New York, where attendees were given wearable Skanzbands with their own QR coded Socialprint.

As cool as all this is, the question which is surely on everyone’s lips is  how you can use a Skanz band to win a free lunch, obviously you can’t drop this thing in a fishbowl.

(via ChipChick)

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