Robot Band “Compressorhead” Plays Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” [Video]

Billed as “the world’s heaviest metal band”, German-based “Compressorhead” consists of guitarist Fingers, bassist Bones, and 4-armed drummer Stickboy, who is accompanied on the hi-hat by Stickboy Junior. They will be making their debut this month at Australia’s Big Day Out 2013 festival, where they will perform a 15 song set including Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Rock and Roll,” The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” and Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.”


Stickboy (drums) was created to exacting specifications. 4 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, no brain. he plays a Pearl 14 piece kit with double kick. stickboy junior, the bastard child of an unknown mother takes control of the hihat shuffle. inception date 2007. Fingers (guitar) joined stickboy in 2009 and brings 78 purpose built fingers, enough to play the entire fret board and pluck. Bones (bass) is the highest precision bass player in known existence, and the youngest member of the band. inception date 2012. Standaside meatbags. Oil is thicker than blood.

Hit the jump to check out their complete setlist, as well as an instrumental rendition of “Ace of Spades”.

Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Bad – No Means No
Banana Splits – Theme Tune
Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones
Bullet in the Head – RATM
I Love Rock & Roll – Joan Jett
Ironman – Black Sabbath
Rock ‘n’ Roll – Led Zepplin
Rumble – Link Wray
Should I Stay or Go – Clash
Teen Spirit – Nirvana
Unsung – Helmut
Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
Wilmas Rainbow – Helmut

(Compressorhead via Blabbermouth via Geeks of Doom)

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