Pen Still Works After Spending 25 Years In Woman’s Stomach

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One day a British woman was using a pen to examine her tonsils when she slipped and accidentally ingested the writing utensil. Fast forward 25 years and the now elderly woman visits a GI specialist complaining of weight loss and diarrhea. Upon evaluation, the doctor discovers and extracts the black felt tip pen from her stomach and discovers that it was still in perfect working order, even after a quarter century of gut storage.


Even more surprisingly, the specialist determined that the pen had done virtually no damage to her GI tract and that her current medical condition was not related to the pen.

In his report for the British Medical Journal, Dr. Oliver Richard Waters stated that “This case highlights that plain abdominal x-rays may not identify ingested plastic objects and occasionally it may be worth believing the patient’s account however unlikely it may be.”

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