Man Sets World Record By Fist-Pumping For 16 Hours Straight

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34-year-old James Peterson earned a spot in Guinness World Records after he fist-pumped for 16 hours straight, beginning at 11am on Friday and ending at 3am on Saturday. In order to assure success, Peterson super-glued his hand shut and had pair of videographers film the thrill a minute action in its entirety.


Peterson claims to be a “seasoned veteran of fist pumping” who has honed his skills while installing light fixtures over his head. He also claims to have performed this same feat on St. Patrick’s Day – although it wasn’t documented.

Even though he’s from Ohio, Peterson says he prefers “Jersey Style” fist-pumping, which requires the use of your elbow to roll your fist, as opposed to a “fist thrust” where simply thrusts his fist into the air.

So what was he so pumped about? A guy from Jersey would have just thought about the Jets for 16 hours, but since he’s from Ohio, Peterson’s motivation is a mystery.

(Ohio via NTDWA)

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