A Stylus For People That Can’t Quit The Cursor

For some, the transitional road from desktop computers to touchscreen devices is paved with fingerprint smudges and mouse withdrawal. However, a new product has come along that can help ease the switch by providing the familiar arrow and finger cursors you’ve grown accustomed to.


The Big Big Cursor stylus is said to make your touchscreen fun to use, allowing for precise movements on the screen while also helping to keep it clean and smudge free. The cursor also has a conductive foam border which will allow it to work no matter how you hold it, and is even magnetic, allowing it to be stored on a fridge, filing cabinet or on the device itself.

Because it’s so unique, it also all but eliminates the inherent lameness of using a stylus with a fancy touchscreen.

Check out the video after the break to learn more.

Product Page: ($12.99 via swissmiss)

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