The 10 Most Awesome Offices to Work In

In reality, office jobs are not as glamorous as they look on the surface, no matter how good of a salary you bring home. There always seems to be room for improvement. There always feels like there is something missing. So if you have ever day-dreamed at your desk about the perfect office job, this article is for you. So without any further delay we present to you the 10 most awesome offices to work in around the world.

Red Bull [London, England]

Image: AlexanderK

If their energy drink gives you wings, the Red Bull offices in London, England will take you to the moon and back again. Why take the floating stairs when you have a sleek, polished slide to fly down in case you need a shot of adrenaline to get your heart pumping. The designers of this building definitely took their cue from the corporation which hired them.

Mindlabs [Copenhagen, Denmark]

Image: AlexanderK


This immaculate feat of modernist architecture, which also happens to house the offices of Denmark’s Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, rests in the heart of Copenhagen. The office features an egg-shaped conference room with surrounding whip boarding walls. So writing on the office walls won’t get you fired if you are lucky enough to serve the Danish public.

Pixar [Emeryville, CA]

Image: AlexanderK

Pixar’s offices look like as much fun as the computer-generated animated children’s movies this company is known for around the globe. Upon entering the facility you are greeted by an atrium-lobby that measures longer than a football field. The office is also adorned with larger-than-life replicas of some of the company’s most memorable characters.

ANZ Centre [Melbourne, Australia]

Image: Cubed Communications

Located in the docklands of Melbourne, Australia, the offices of ANZ Centre look like a small city at first glance due to the impressive size of the entire complex. It’s big. It’s really big. In fact, the ANZ Centre is big enough to require its very own wind and solar power turbines, which have earned the ANZ Centre the title as one of the “greenest” offices in the world.

Selgas Cano Architecture [Madrid, Spain]

Image: Space Invading

Everything may be “going green”, but the offices of Selgas Cano Architecture nestled in Madrid, Spain takes this latest buzz phrase to a whole different level. Most of the time, corporations knock an entire forest flat to the ground in order to make way for their offices. But the designers of Selgas Cano created an office inside of (rather than on top of) a lively and stunningly pristine wooded area.

VW Phaeton Plant [Dresden, Germany]

Image: Wikimedia

The VW Phaeton Plant in the European industrial city Dresden, Germany houses one of the most awesome car plants and office space ever created. The offices themselves have been engineered with the same precision and meticulous attention to detail as the latest Volkswagen models on the market. The building itself is made of glass, ironic for an automobile manufacturer known for its heavy industrial production.

Vodafone [Porto, Portugal]

Image: Literature Soft

If you have ever wondered what constitutes avant-garde architecture, look no further than the offices of Vodafone in Porto, Portugal. The building itself is compelling, yet strangely confounding as well, inside and out. Most offices make their fashion statement in the interior, but Vodafone screams awesome before you even set foot in the lobby.

Dtac [Bangkok, Thailand]

Image: Blogspot

Asian-based offices like Dtac in Bangkok, Thailand refuse to be outdone by their western counterparts. What they lack in bravado they make up with futuristic flair. The building even has areas designed to foster creative thinking in ways never thought of in the west yet.

Macquarie Investment Bank [Sydney, Australia]

Image: Inhabitat

Melbourne’s ANZ Centre has some competition in Sydney. The offices of Macquarie Investment Bank rivals its Melbourne counter-part as one of the most awesome offices in the world. The entire concept of the office centers on what the corporation calls a “celebration of collaboration”. The building features plush “meeting pods” and enough staircases to keep the blood pumping.

Google [Santa Clara, CA]

Image: Infotainment India

When it comes to the coolest office in the world, Google wins the top prize. Known as the “Googleplex”, Google’s base of operations located in the suburbs of San Francisco, CA spans an impressive half-million square-feet. When employees aren’t at their uniquely ornamented desks, they may be taking a minute for themselves in the office pool, or taking time for a quick game of pool, or taking the office pet for a walk about the company grounds which includes its own amphitheater.

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