10 Gifts For People Who Sit In Front Of a Computer All Day [Gift Guide]

Are you looking for an inexpensive Secret Santa gift for a co-worker? Maybe you’re interested in something more elaborate and unique for a home office. If so, the following list of gift ideas should help you win the holidays on both fronts.

Gunnar glasses

Computer-related eyestrain. It’s a serious problem that affects thousands of code monkeys and gamers each year. Gunnar glasses can help alleviate the symptoms by shifting light to the warmer end of the spectrum (as opposed to the harsh blue end often employed by fluorescent lighting and computer monitors). It also reduces glare and makes you look like Bono. $79.99-$99.99  — ThinkGeek

Spink cup holder


If you’ve ever knocked over a drink at your desk that ended up destroying a keyboard or laptop, you’ll understand how the Spink cup holder can be a real lifesaver. It firmly attaches to the desk with a suction cup and drinks can be nestled within its walls for protection. It’s a great gift for clumsy people, which is why I’m putting it on my wish list. No more sippy cups filled with beer for me! $10.99 — Amazon

Office chair bed

One of the great things about working from home is the freedom to take naps. Back in the day when I worked traditional jobs, I would often take a trip out to my car during lunch time to catch up on a little sleep. I usually came back to work refreshed — though there were occasional times when I catastrophically overslept. At any rate, I would have loved to have one of these AnyChair seating contraptions that quickly convert into makeshift beds. Needless to say, it would be best used off the clock. $387 — Thanko via CubicleBot

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

This new sequel to the original Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction book gives you all of the instructions necessary to build 30 fun weapons and surveillance tools out of everyday office supplies. We’re talking stuff like a paper dart watch, toothpaste periscope and a bionic ear out of items you probably already have lying around. It even provides tips on how to hide a growing arsenal. Of course, this book might result in reduced productivity, but when security comes to escort you out of the building, you’ll be prepared to make a last stand. $16.95 —ThinkGeek

Spam email wallpaper

If you are looking for a truly unique gift for an office dweller, how about offering to redecorate with Spamghetto’s spam email wallpaper? Spamghetto uses its specialized software to generate custom wallpaper patterns using the text from spam email sent by Nigerian princes and people who are incredibly concerned with the state of your sex life. Custom pricing — Spamghetto via CubicleBot

Like and Dislike stamper set

If you know someone who is addicted to Facebook, give them the ability to pass judgment on things in the real world with these “Like” and “Dislike” ink stamps. They could use them for employee reports or they can go around stamping their co-workers on the head to let them know how they really feel. $12.99 — Amazon

Kickstand desk

In case you haven’t heard, sitting can kill you. That’s why a lot of office dwellers are moving to standing desks. If you happen to know a cyclist, it’s also possible to get desks that are custom made to accommodate a bicycle. Kickstand Furniture designs adjustable desks that can do just that, making it possible to mount a bike on a trainer and cycle as you work. $1,499-$1,650 — Kickstand Furniture

Dine Ink utensil set

I eat breakfast and lunch at my desk every single day. There’s just way too much stuff to be done. If you know someone who is as awesomely efficient as I am, they might find these Dine Ink utensils to be useful. No need to pick up a pack of plastic utensils, because these clip on to a standard ballpoint pen. $8.95 — Neatoshop

Bubble wrap calendar

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and PCs there isn’t much need for a traditional calendar these days. However, this particular calendar has one advantage that even the most advanced devices can’t properly emulate. Of course, I’m talking about the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap. Then again, it would be hard to resist the temptation to blow through the entire year in one sitting. $19.75 — Amazon

Kitt-In Box

Cats love to sit on keyboards. Why? Maybe it’s because they hate to see us succeed. Maybe it’s because they know we are posting videos of them on YouTube. Or maybe it’s because they just want to be near us. One solution to this problem would be to mount a Kitt-In Box to the desk to lure them away from the keyboard onto a soft, cushioned bed that’s always within arm’s reach. $36.99 — The Refined Feline

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