10 Gadgets For People Who Hate Mornings [Featured]

Do you hate mornings? Do you spend your days in a groggy stupor? Are you a bit of a masochist? If you answered yes to these questions, you might find the following gadgets useful. They will help you get up and get to work on time so you can fall asleep when the boss isn’t looking. Is that a promotion I smell? Wow, success smells a lot like bacon — but that might just be my alarm clock.

Twist Equation alarm clock
Now, I’m the kind of person who needs to whip out a calculator to figure out an 18 percent tip on a $100 bill, so the idea of having to solve math equations at 5:30 a.m. to stop my alarm sounds like my own private hell. Still, that’s exactly what you will have to do with the Twist Equation Alarm Clock. When the alarm goes off, the hour display will switch to a plus or minus sign and the minute display will switch to a random number. Your task is to rotate the wheels on the clock to solve the equation. Only then will you be able to set the alarm on your cell phone so you can sleep for another 15 minutes. $14.99 — ThinkGeek


Dumbbell alarm clock
What’s worse than doing math first thing in the morning? The answer, of course, is exercise. Picture the same scenario — the alarm goes off, your eyes are half open and your mind is on the tail end of a fuzzy dream that you can’t quite recall (though you feel an ex-girlfriend was involved and you were living in a pineapple under the sea). In order to shut off this dumbbell alarm clock, you must complete a designated number of reps. $15 — Pylones

Sonic Bomb alarm clock
If you are a deep sleeper who won’t respond to a typical morning alarm, you need to step up to the Sonic Bomb. The only way you are snoozing on this thing is if it stopped your heart. That’s because it has a maximum volume of 113 decibels (a jackhammer is around 100). If that isn’t enough, it also includes a bed shaker that you can slip under your mattress. Thanks to you, the whole neighborhood will be on time. $39.99 — ThinkGeek

Bacon alarm clock
Now here’s an alarm clock that’s far less masochistic than the other versions on this list. Instead of an alarm, it wakes you up with the sizzling sounds and smells of cooking bacon. The only downside (besides the potential for an invigorating morning grease fire) is that you need to build it yourself using an old baking oven, a timer, high-temp car paint, a pig keychain from Party City, spare bottle caps, 10-gauge solid wire, some googly eyes, a screwdriver and a Dremel tool. The full set of instructions is available in the following link.Instructables via That’s Nerdalicious

Perk multi-function mug
OK, so now you’re up — but all you can think about doing is crawling back in bed to continue your adventures under the sea. You need caffeine. The Perk mug can handle that problem because it’s a travel mug, electric kettle, French press and tea infuser all in one. It utilizes three interchangeable lids to switch between the different functions and it features an electric heating base that will automatically shut off when the water inside has reached its boiling point. $37.99 — Quirky

Office chair bed
You’ve arrived at the office — on time for once — but you just can’t shake that groggy feeling. Fortunately, your AnyChair can convert into a makeshift bed in under 30 seconds. Now you can catch a covert nap under the boss’ nose. Just don’t get too comfortable. You don’t want that nap to drag on for hours before your boss discovers you drooling on your chair with no pants on. $648 — Thanko via CubicleBot

Pillow tie
The Pillow Tie is a more portable solution to napping at work. Just inflate the tie using the mouthpiece at the end and you can rest your weary head just about anywhere —like your desk, the break room or the boardroom. Of course the manager running the meeting you are in might frown upon that. $19.95 — Pillow Tievia Fashionably Geek

Wink Glasses
Wink Glasses is USB clip-on for your spectacles from Japan that features a sensor and a special screen that detects slowed blinking (a sign of drowsiness) then proceeds to irritate you by fogging up one of the lenses. It doesn’t seem like it would be all that annoying, but think about what it’s like to lose one of your contact lenses. It’s maddening. When detached from a USB port, the device can run for about 8 hours on a couple of watch batteries, though we wouldn’t recommend driving with it on or anything. Pricing not available. Masunaga

Ostrich Mini-Environmnent
Design studio Kawamura Ganjavian’s Ostrich Mini-Environment supposedly creates the ideal environment for power-napping at work because, as he describes it, the “soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) for a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk”. Though we have to wonder whether or not your power nap is made possible by the fact that you’ve suffocated and slipped into unconsciousness.  Kawamura Ganjavian viaCubicleBot

JakPak jacket
For those of you who work outside, there probably aren’t many places you can sneak away to in order to catch a quick nap. The JakPack is, first and foremost, a waterproof jacket — so you are protected from the elements. However, it can also convert into a sleeping bag or even a makeshift tent with mosquito netting in just a few simple steps. As you will see in the video, the creator also suggests that it might be useful for those times when your spouse kicks you out of the house. Forget going to a hotel or sleeping in the car. Just lie down right there on the lawn. Yes, indeed — life is going swimmingly. $249.99 — JakPak

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