Tato Commuter Bike Accommodates You And Your Laptop

If you work in an area that has hellish rush hour traffic, or if you don’t make enough to buy a car, then you may fall back on a bicycle as a way to get around. This Tato Commuter Bike is built for exactly that purpose, and features a modified frame to carry a briefcase or laptop right between your legs, where it will be difficult for any would-be thieves to snatch. The bike features Shimano Deore components, “rigid or suspension fork, hydraulic disk-brakes front and back and a trouser-dirtying exposed chain running through derailer gears”.


However, there are some drawbacks. Besides the added weight from the beefed-up frame, you will also have to ensure that your briefcase or laptop can fit securely in the 400 x 320 x 95 mm (16 x 13 x 4-inch) space. In addition, the bicycle will be shipped from Lichtenstein, which could result in a hefty shipping charge.

Product Page: ($1,500 via Wired)

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