Revolution Plus: The Jacket Delta Airlines Doesn’t Want You To Wear

The Revolution Plus jacket from ScottEVest features 26 pockets for travel, including the TravelSmartSystemâ„¢ which includes, among other things, an interior iPhone pocket which connects to a Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management, a interior cell phone pocket (connects to PAN), travel documents pocket, PubPocket which is typically large enough to hold a magazine, Kindle or iPad, and an ID/business card pocket.

Naturally, ScottEVest promotes the Revolution Plus as a way to avoid paying baggage fees—which is why Delta refused to put the following ad in Delta Sky Magazine:


If you’re familiar with the Revolution’s predecessor Evolution, you can get a rundown of the changes in the video below.

Product Page: ($200 via CrunchGear)

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