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Whether a can of Raid has been discharged, or the dreaded wingtip / flyswatter has claimed another victim, CSI: Insect Unit is ready to spring into action with their products of choice: these mini “Biohazard” and “Crime Scene” tapes.

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Being a master slingshot builder, it was only a matter of time before Joerg Sprave turned his attention to weaponizing office supplies. Hit the jump to watch him create a pickaxe, flail, and a variety of slingshots using tape, scissors, rubber bands, USB cables, a hole punch and paper.

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Put a new twist on the humble sticky note with this pie graph version that will help you figure out how to divide your time. The slacker’s version would probably consist of equal portions sleep, internet and and extended lunch break.

Product Page: ($7.50 via The Awesomer)

If your weapon of choice is the written word, you’ll need a delivery system that feels like ammo. For that there’s this Bolt Action Tactical Pen, which features an anodized milled aluminum body, an integrated clip, a flat head which forms an ideal thumb rest, and a bolt action clicking mechanism that will also serve as a weapon for annoying the living sh*t out of your co-workers.

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Nessie Pins [Office Supplies]

I can’t say that I’ve given a lot of thought to thumbtacks recently, but these adorable Nessie versions by designer Duncan Shotton are absolutely fantastic. He’s currently looking for a manufacturer to help make his concept a reality, and a company that specializes in this kind of nonsense (like Fred and Friends) is sure to step up to the plate.

(Duncan Shotton via designboom)

Here’s one whale that isn’t a fail. It’s a simple, fun way to keep your stuff organized on a desktop. Each whale is handcrafted, oiled an numbered with reclaimed wood.

Product Page ($65 via Holycool)

(via TDW)

If your life involves lots of scratching an measuring, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s now a wooden ruler that doubles as a backscratcher. The device measures over 12″ in length and offers both standard and metric increments. Currently it’s listed as “coming soon”, but you can use that time to imagine what it will be like to reach inaccessible areas of your back and perform hands free ass scratching.

Product Page: (£4.99, or about $8 via Gizmodo)

Much like we saw with Milton’s red Swingline, the entertainment industry has once again served as a springboard to launch real life office supplies. Thanks to NBC’s partnership with, fans of The Office will be able purchase Dunder Mifflin copy paper – starting with a special sale price through January 31, 2012. Needless to say, the box is something you’ll want to keep around for those days when you daydream that you’re not actually an office worker, but rather an overpaid celebrity who pretends to be an office worker.

Product Page: ($34.99 via Buzzfeed)

These sticky note pads feature 200 pages of either pixelated grabby hands or thumb signals. As convenient as these may be, they forgot to complete the series with pixelated middle finger sticky notes – which would be perfect for passing messages to that douche who stole your Snapple out of the breakroom fridge.

Product Page: ($4.99 – $8.99)