Hazel Chua

Are You Okay

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Rabbit Ice Cream Cone

This is just one of the hilarious photos that you can find on the Tumblr blog Stuff on My Rabbit.

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Hair Dye

Who knew hair dye could be so lethal? This guy obviously didn’t, because he subjected his hair to that mix of chemicals anyway and documented how his body reacted with an amused expression at first. His amusement slowly turned to horror when his face…well, you’ll understand better if you see for yourself.

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how to fight

This should be the first self-defense video you watch on the Internet. It’s non-violent, rated G (at least, in my opinion), and it’s loads of fun while presenting valuable information about how to fight back against tiny assailants, both armed and unarmed.

Stay safe and pass the video along–not only for the advice on defending yourself against toddlers, but also for the laughs.

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Hamster Pig

Hamsters are adorably tiny and furry creatures that make for awesome pets, but don’t let them go hungry or they’ll chew off on your middle finger while you’re sleeping. I kid. They won’t do that, but they can certainly eat and nibble like there’s no tomorrow when hunger strikes.

If you don’t have the pleasure of watching what happens when hamsters go hungry in person because you don’t have a hamster, then no worries because someone out there took a video of his (or her) hamster stuffing its cheeks (as in, waaaaay back into its cheeks) on a pretzel stick without pausing to take a breath.

You can check out the video after the break.

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Siri Is a Smart Ass

Sarcastic Siri

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Feline Lap Surrogate

Experience with cats required.

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Snake Love Mice in Any Form

See what I mean?

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Doggone Horsey Cow [Image]


If you see this and it somehow makes sense to you, then you must be drunk.

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The Anatomy of Twitter [Comic]

Anatomy of Twitter

Looks like I belong in the thin yellow sliver of humble-braggarts. (Hah!) Where do you belong?

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