The World’s Most Expensive Business Cards Cost $1,500 Each

A London based company called Black Astrum creates business cards inlaid with gold and “diamonds of the highest quality” for a whopping $1,500 apiece. However, being rich isn’t the only qualification for carrying these things around – you actually have to be invited by the company.


Sufian Khawaja, Black Astrum’s concept director says, “We’ve had several enquiries from American celebrities and international businessmen, however our cards are offered by invitation only, reflecting our desire to serve only the most premier individuals”. The cards were originally created as a one-off project for a wealthy Middle Eastern family.

Since its exclusively customized to a client’s specifications, the cost of making varies. However, the company states that the average selling price per card is about the £1000 ($1,500), and it is sold in sets of 25, 50 and 100 cards.

Let’s hope the “premier individuals” they speak of are the type that would have “hock me” printed on their cards before distributing them to charities.

Product Page (LuxuryLaunches via Geekologie)

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