CubicleBot is weekly webcomic brought to you by:

Sean FallonSean Fallon / Editor: Sean’s life has been heavily influenced by three things: art, writing, and technology—all of which serve him well here at CubicleBot.

Sean is the founder and Editor of Nerd Approved Media, LLC—which also includes Nerd Approved, That’s Nerdalicious! and Fashionably Geek.

Contact: sean [at] cubiclebot.com

Jonathan Fallon /Senior Editor: With nothing else to offer but a proven track record of mediocrity, Jonathan was able to land this cushy pity job here at CubicleBot thanks to his brother Sean’s beautiful display of nepotism. When not helping you find the best stuff Internet, Jonathan indulges in his love of vintage aircraft.

Contact: jonathan [at] cubiclebot.com